Images made by the Sun

Here are a selection of recent Solargraphs and Cyanotypes, made by sunlight and time.

Solargraphs are long exposures, created using a basic pinhole camera made with a beer-can, gaffer tape, and black and white photographic paper (plus light and time).    These are all between 3 and 12 month long exposures, installed in various locations in the Loxley Valley, Sheffield.


Cyanotypes, or ‘sun prints’ are one of the earliest forms of photography (a process invented by Sir John Herschel in 1842) and involve coating paper with a light-sensitive solution of iron salts,  laying objects/imagery onto it, then exposing it to the sun. The UV rays from the sun react with the chemicals on the paper to create the cyan-blue background, whilst covered areas remain white.  The chemicals are then rinsed off with water, fixing the print so it is no longer light sensitive.


Gallery images to be added asap – work is in progress on these!